Japanese Courses for Complete Beginners

Most Japanese schools start at the elementary level and you are expected to know some Japanese before you come onboard. Sounds good if you already know Hiragana and Katakana but what if you are like the rest of us, a complete beginner?

This class is meant for absolute beginners, with no knowledge of Japanese at all (or at most a little bit) – rest assured, the groups are small. That means it’s going to be easy to ask questions if you don’t understand, and the teacher will have the chance to go over things with you again. – You’ll learn the basics faster in the small group setting because you’ll get more intensive exercises.

Why learn reading and writing?

If you want to be able to speak and understand Japanese with just hearing while omitting reading and writing it’s possible, but you would be able to speak the language at a much faster rate if you also include reading and writing in the beginning.

It is like building a house, if your foundation is weak (reading and writing), your house will soon crumble. How can you even revise on your own if you can’t even read?

Mastering Kana in 12 days

Don’t worry we are not going to swarm you with tedious theories and writing practices our lessons aren’t an academic pursuit. The main goal is to teach you enough to strengthen your basic for you to move on to the next. We are not going to touch on Kanji as well, we will leave that one till you are in the higher levels.

Our class works better than everything else offered in the market.

Don’t believe us – try it for 12 weeks.

Ready to learn with us?


We offer competitive rates in Singapore without compromising on quality. We also offer a free trial class for you to experience what it is like to learn with us