Welcome to our Japanese Language School

At Taiyo Japanese, we see language first of all as a communication tool.

Learning a new language opens your mind, and it opens you to the possibility of getting to know new people with different perspectives.

You don’t need to be a fluent Japanese speaker to start to see the benefits. If you make an effort to speak just a few words of Japanese, your conversation partners will also double up their efforts to make themselves understood in English.

Our lessons aren’t an academic pursuit. If you’re to dive very deep into Japanese kanji, grammar or calligraphy, a different language school may be a better fit for you.

Of course, there is a place for grammar in the lessons at Taiyo, but grammar isn’t a goal in itself. We’ll cover it as far as it helps you to speak more fluently, faster.

Exercise and application is more important. To master spoken Japanese, you need to “do” more and “understand” less. That’s why our curriculum starts with the most common everyday subjects, such that even after your first week, you can start throwing out a few Japanese words on your Japanese boss or at lunch with your client.

Class Details

We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality comes at a price as well. So, come and experience first-hand what it’s like to learn Japanese with us. Sign up for our no-obligation, online trial class!

Group Classes (Skillsfuture eligible)

The smallest group classes in Singapore at 8 pax. Learn faster and better in a small group class.

Private Classes

Study in a 1 to 1 with a trainer. Receive private instruction and progress 80% faster than a group class.

Term and Condition for classes

*Each term consists of 30 hours, there will be an optional exam at the end of the 3rd or 4th term depending on the level.
*Our levels are aligned with the JLPT exam.
*Fees of S$450 are payable per term.


Can I use my Skillsfuture Credits?

If you’re a Singaporean, most of our Japanese classes are SkillsFuture claimable. Get in touch with us to find out more.


How do I claim my Skillsfuture credits?

Click here to check out our SkillsFuture course and sign to start using your credits.

What is the best language to learn?

There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on which language you will likely be using most. Japanese may be a language for you to learn if you:
– Have a Japanese partner or relatives
– (Intend to) live or study in Japan.
– Have opportunities to connect with Japan professionally
– Have a strong interest in Japan language and culture

How long does it takes to learn Japanese?

How well do you want to learn Japanese?

If you know little to no Japanese and join our Basic Japanese course, you will progress very quickly and see results in 5 months. In about 9 months you will be able to hold yourself down in a simple, non-expert conversation.

Why learn Japanese for Business
Japan is currently the world’s third-largest economy and set to be the same in the world in this decade. As China grows, Japan is becoming increasingly outward-looking.
Should I learn Korean or Japanese?

Both Korean and Japanese are highly influential. Which one to learn is a highly personal choice. There is no wrong or right, only wrong or right for you. Ask yourself which language will be the best fit for you, based on:
– Where you live, and which of the two you are most likely to use around you.
– Which countries you aspire to travel or relocate to in the future
– Which language interests you most, personally
– Which sector you’ll likely end up working in: Korean is very dominant in hip hop, arts and the culinary world, whereas Japanese can be expected to gain ground in finance, tech, anime, and any economic sector Japanese are active in.

Will your Japanese courses lead to a JLPT certification?

Yes! If you are aiming for JLPT 5, you need to complete Pre-Intermediate term 2. For further explanation on the rest of the JLPT level, click on the link to download a detailed course outline.

Probably the best language school in Singapore.  “

Small group class, unbeatable price, Skillsfuture claimable. What’s more to ask for?

Fadilla, Executive at OCBC Bank

Trial class

Pretty much every school, including us, will ask you to make full payment before joining the course. We need to do that, because we have commitments to keep to our teachers as well. But as a student, it’s hard to sign up for something you haven’t experienced yet.

We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality comes at a price as well.

With the pandemic, we are moving our trial classes online. You can now experience our class in your comfortable PJs at home, what are you waiting for? Join us now!