Looking for a Japanese Course?

Singapore offers many options. Why learn Japanese at Taiyo Japanese? We offer Japanese courses for adults that are both high quality and affordable. Our small class sizes and reasonable prices mean you can start learning the Japanese you need, right now. Our classes are focused on giving you what you need most – real-world Japanese skills. 

Course Details

Our Japanese courses take place in Orchard road, smack in the heartbeat of Singapore, and have been designed with great care. They cover the entire spectrum of levels and learning goals.

So no matter how well you speak Japanese right now or why you want to improve it, we have something for you to study Japanese that will help you meet your personal goals. When you join, our trainers will first perform an assessment of your proficiency level. After this, they will advise you which Japanese course is most suitable for you.

Our part-time courses are made so that you can start learning useful skills immediately, wherever your current Japanese skills happen to be.

Japanese Beginner Course

A Japanese course for absolute beginners to learn Japanese in Singapore.

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Japanese Conversational Course

How do you learn to converse in Japanese in a large class? That is why our classes are small to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

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Japanese course Elementary to Advanced

We have the complete range of Japanese courses from Beginner to Advanced level

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We offer competitive rates in Singapore without compromising on quality.